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Children's Workshop

Math, communication, and learning

In the form of a game, your children will learn and consolidate their knowledge of mathematics- units, quantities, percentages. Interesting facts about chocolate, how the types of chocolate differ. By trying them, they will learn to eat it properly and choose quality sweet delights. They will develop a sophisticated palate. They will train and improve their social skills, teamwork, tolerance and ethics from an early age.


Your children will have the chance to make their own colourful chocolate/ice cream delights to share with family and friends. It will be fun and rewarding for them and they will make new friends.

Work with professionals

A certified artist-educator will work with your children to properly develop children's skills in decorating, color selection and painting. Children create their own true masterpieces.

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Suitable for

Classes are in small groups of up to 7 children, suitable for ages six and up.


Classes are held every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 1pm.

What to expect

Children will learn to make colourful chocolate delights to share with family and friends.


You will have the chance to taste your own creations.

Smiles are the key to happiness

About the Workshop

This workshop is for parentswho understand and appreciate the food culture.For parents, who desire and make efforts to have their children form a refined taste from an early age. 
And all this with lots of smiles, joy and fun.

Equipment and professional

The workshop is furnished with professional pastry equipment. 

Children will create, have fun and work with high quality products like true professionals.

How we will help your children

Culture and taste education


He will get acquainted with new friends, and share this experience with a friend.


You will leave with your very delicious and beautiful chocolate/ice cream creations.


Each activity is on a different topic and they will have the opportunity to work with early materials from confectionery-chocolate, sugar dough, gelato and etc.


Fun math-units, quantities, percentages.

Where can you find us?


Sofia, Ul. K. Kisimov 2A


Phone: +359 882 301293                    

Email :

Work hours

Mon - Fir: 08:30-18:30

Saturday: 11:00 - 17:00

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